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Because Top People Need Top Protection. The world is passing though a moment of economic transition  and identity crisis where 100 percent security does not exist. Spanish Protection Services wants to give back to you this sense of security with highly qualified personnel that fulfill all the professional requirements of the private sector and advanced priorities in safeguarding your physical integrity through all the necessary measures.

Our operatives come from all fields police and army backgrounds.We can provide you with a professional service to include risk/threat assessment, intelligence and surveillance tasks.All of our staff and trainers are highly experienced in this field of residential VIP Close Protection, being ex members of Spanish Military Intelligence, police covert undercover and counter terrorist operators.Together with former Special Forces members, with extensive Diplomatic and VIP Close Protection training and vast operational experience in Spain,London,USA.

We can provide you with the finest close protection teams available in Spain. Being a specialist organisation of dedicated operators, with offices in UK and throughout Europe. We guarantee a discreet first class service and we are more than happy to totally intergrate with you.

We employ the elements of observation, prevention and discretion in protecting the lifestyle of our client. Our Our prices vary according to the security system required by the client and range from low risk, which includes a protective escort to high risk where threats of kidnapping and aggression exist. Please contact us for a price quote for your personal needs.

As Director of Operations, Roberto Lozano has the unique first-hand experience of working within specialist units as well as military and other security environments. He has been in the business of safety and security in the private sector for more than 11 years andholding a license of a security director and close protection management by the University of Almeria and Spanish departament of Interior. He is an active member of Ases,Spanish security association.


"Our service provides cutting edge executive protection. Our agents are proactive not reactive - offering much more than a presence."

Roberto Lozano
Operations Director

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